Storm Shelters, Coronavirus and You


Tornado season is fast approaching, for many it began in February. The issues have been approached of how to decide between the COVID-19 and an oncoming severe storm or tornado.

Well, seems the answer is a tornado is likely to be more damaging than COVID-19.

“Before you make a decision to go to a community shelter, you should check with your community shelter managers to ensure they are open, and if there are any local COVID-19 considerations,” the forecast office stated. “Certainly, wherever you choose to shelter from a tornado, you should use as many precautions as possible to inhibit the spread of COVID-19 as best as you can.”- Birmingham NWS

If you are not able to reach a safe room during a tornado, it’s best to go to the lowest level of a structure, such as a basement. It is important to stay away from all windows, doors or anything else that leads outside, the NWS recommends.