Have you ever been just the least bit curious about how to cook a goose for Christmas? Well, I did one a few years back and it was tasty. But, I did some more research here with the crack staff at yall.com . And we found some videos and tips. So, get your stove pipe hat on, grab the apron, call Tiny Tim and try a traditional Dickensonian Christmas Dinner this year!


  • If you don’t like dark meat poultry.. Don’t cook your goose
  • It’s not a turkey.. Don’t cook it that way
  • The breasts should be served Medium rare ..140-150.. The goose is a red meat bird as is the duck.. let it be a ‘lil pink …but, if you can’t do med rare, it’s your bird, do with it as you like.
  • 8-10 lb goose for 5-6 people…11-12 lb goose for 6-8 people
  • Plan on 2 days of defrosting for frozen.
  • Do your rub the night before
  • Save that goose fat!! Very rich and can be used for gravy, or cooking in later
  • Root veggies are best to roast with your goose: Turnips, taters, carrots, parsnip are common. OR, if you wanted to grab some of that goose fat, we can grab grandma’s cast iron skillet later for a Southern touch (see below)
  • Cook time about 15 minutes per lb.
  • For the rest, see the video above (note this is Gordon Ramsey so 180* C is 350* F. And a Kilo is close to a lb.)

Cast Iron Goose Fat Roasted Root Veggies:

Couldn’t be simpler y’all. Grab your choice of roots from above. Chop’em, split e’m whole, cube ’em. It doesn’t really matter. Take that goose fat from the bottom of the roasting pan you saved at the halfway point of cooking per the video.  Take about 2 tbl. and toss veggies in it in skillet and turn up to medium high. Get that good sizzle going and turn a few times. Now, toss them in the oven for about 30-45 minutes or until they get soft and start to caramelize. No room in the oven? Just leave on the stove top until they turn soft and done to your liking. Season with salt and pepper, thyme , rosemary. Choose what you like best.

Turkey Talk- Smoking A Turkey



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