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Weeding For Eisenhower – A Short Story

Weeding For Eisenhower is an original Short Story by T.D. Johnston Less than four months into Paul Garrett’s tenure as headmaster of Saxby Academy, Mrs....

The Hunt – Final

The Hunt - 4 At last they surged through, one after the other, following the pied ginger male at the head of the pack. Like...

The Hunt- 4

The Hunt -3  Everywhere skinks like tiny gators crawled. Lizards flashed, red wattles under their necks like clotted blood. All three hunters were sitting around the...

The Hunt- 3

The Hunt -2 Through the cracks in the pine plank walls, he could see daylight. Smells of mold and stale coffee grounds and rancy lard....

The Hunt- 2

The Hunt- 1 They were barely on the interstate, striped by the overhang of lights, before they got off again, up the u-turn of the...

“Her Room”- A Short Story

Her Room, by Niles Reddick When I pulled into the assisted living facility, it didn’t look bad at all like I had imagined. There were...