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Duke’s- A Short Story By John “Mac” MacIlroy

"Here's the thing, deVereaux." I didn't hear Punch Stallings come up behind me. I never do. He is an overripe hulk of a man, a...

Jergen’s Lotion- A Short Story

Jergen’s Lotion by Sheila White Arnold Most of the hands that cared for me in childhood were rough, red, callused hands with uneven, dirty nails and...

The Glad Promise- A Southern Original by T.D. Johnston

T.D. Johnston is an award-winning author who splits his time between Jacksonville, Florida and Beaufort, South Carolina. His 2017 short-story collection, "Friday Afternoon and...

Myrvis Takes The Wheel – A Short Story By Jana Barrett

Debo Moses was fifty-four years old and lived with his eighty-six year old mother Myrvis.  He never married, nor even cared about girls as...

It’s Fall Y’all !- A Short Story

An original Short Story by Lynn Caldwell, Guest Contributor Sometimes it’s not just a walk in the park. Lately, I have missed my walks in the...

#LoveOfMyLife – A Short Story by Mathieu Cailler

Thom Clark sat in a holding cell in west Tennessee, a stark difference from his usual office at Memphis State, where he was chair...

#LoveOfMyLife – Part 2/3

Part 2/3 Thom thought this was what happened when a good man tried to do bad: he botched it. The photo had upset him, and he’d...

#LoveOfMyLife – Part 3/3 by Mathieu Cailler

Time passed quickly reading over Kathryn’s sentences, paragraphs, and pages, and before long it was almost time for Akari’s arrival. He grabbed some Post-Its....

Weeding For Eisenhower – Part 3

Weeding for Eisenhower by T.D. Johnston An hour after his chat with Franklin Redstone, Paul Garrett sat on an old metal folding chair at the...

Weeding For Eisenhower- Part 2

Weeding For Eisenhower - by T.D.Johnston Franklin Redstone was the eldest of local real estate magnate and boat dealer Harold Redstone’s three sons. A graduate...