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DIY: Things To Consider When Planning A Swimming Pool

There are many benefits to owning a swimming pool, from enhancing the beauty of your home to providing a fun way for the kids...

Haunted Road Trips- Alabama

Sloss Furnaces – Birmingham – On the National Registry of Historic Places, Sloss Furnaces was a post- Civil War mecca of pig iron for...

Floods Now Become Concern For Soaked South

Many in the South woke up to rain this morning, many more in the South will see it by day's end. Flash flooding will...

WEATHER ALERT- South Prepares for Snow, Ice, Floods, Tornadoes

Mother Nature is opening 2020 with a bang. Severe storms are likely. Tornadoes for many are also a likelihood. Heavy snows in Missouri and...

Southern Weather Alert – Weekend Storm System Predicted Severe

Note this forecast is as of 1/6/20 .. We will monitor situation throughout week and update as needed. It's January, and to kick off the...

20 + Tornadoes Hit South, More Possible Today

Severe weather rolled through the South late afternoon Monday. Over 20 tornadoes hit Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. 1 dead in Louisiana 2 dead in...

9 Most Haunted Places In Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama. To the many other worldly entities, that is exactly what it is. Here are our 10 Most Haunted Places in Alabama...

Battle of College Football Traditions-Alabama

This may be two of the most contested rivalries in the South. Alabama and Auburn. One this is for sure they are both deep...

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